• Specialized Programs Besides providing customized financing to a wide range of companies, Black Rock Capital Investment also creates programs designed to match the needs of equipment vendors. We'll put together a program that's perfect for you and, once it's completed, make sure you get quick turnaround.
  • Prompt Equipment Funding As a preferred equipment vendor of Black Rock Capital Investment, you can expect funds to be forwarded to you immediately upon receipt of a delivery and acceptance certificate from your equipment customer.


  • Get a Tax Break Financing equipment never restricts your ability to take advantage of federal, state and local tax incentives - or any special depreciation laws currently available to you.
  • Protect Your Purchasing Power Inflation may be here to stay, but you can hedge against it through financing. Purchase your equipment now, pay for it as you use it, and protect yourself against future price increases.


  • Receive Rapid ServiceBlack Rock Capital Investment gets you the equipment you need fast. Our in-house credit review process, knowledge of our core industries and equipment, and streamlined closings will provide easy and timely access to the equipment your business demands.
  • Tailor Your Loan Black Rock Capital Investment will carefully structure your financing to fit your situation. Payments can be arranged to mirror your cash flow pattern, to accommodate seasonal business or to match earnings generated by the equipment.


  • Choose What You Want You name it - we've financed it all and you can too through our versatile financing programs. Everything from a single item to an entire office or plant is readily available through us.
  • Make Your Own Arrangements Select the equipment you need and work out the price, specifications and terms with the vendor. You retain all manufacturers' warranties and guarantees. We will even arrange progress payments in accordance with manufacturers' payment terms.
  • Keep Up To Date The way technology moves today, equipment can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Black Rock Capital Investment lets you keep up so that you can stay ahead of the competition and continue to produce quality products.

Financial Advantages

  • Preserve Working Capital It's not easy for growing companies to come up with the large, initial investment needed to acquire new or more advanced equipment. Financing this equipment over time frees up cash. Black Rock Capital Investment makes the new equipment readily available without tying up valuable working capital needed to grow.
  • Enjoy 100% Financing Other financing methods demand substantial down payments or deposits. Black Rock Capital Investment offers 100% financing and fully covers related costs, including delivery and installation.
  • Lower Monthly Payments Almost always, the term of our financing is longer than a standard loan period because we understand useful life better than most lenders. Simple mathematics indicates that this results in a reduced outlay for you each month.
  • Maintain Your Ability to BorrowWhy disturb your credit line with the bank if you don't have to? Black Rock Capital Investment preserves your full credit and keeps you from diluting equity by having to add more shareholders or partners. Having available credit enables you to take full advantage of timely business opportunities. 
  • Project Costs More Accurately Financing with us takes the guesswork out of budgeting. You know what your payments are and how long the payment period will run.. Our competitive fixed rate financing eliminates estimating varying interest costs and improves the investment return from your equipment.
  • Recapture Hidden Equity Although equipment depreciates for financial book purposes, most equipment financed by Black Rock Capital Investment , when properly maintained, increases in value, providing hidden equity on your balance sheer. New financing will unearth that equity and allow more opportunities for growth.